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Support for Individuals, Family, and Friends
  • For free and confidential information about health services for problems with gambling, contact the ConnexOntario helpline at 1.866.531.2600

  • Information on all problem gambling counselling services in Ontario is available on the ConnexOntario website

  • You can search for treatment agencies using their directory search tool. This information can also be obtained through the ConnexGo app

  • At you can also request support via email or chat with an agent online anytime, 24/7


  • Self-help tools for those who gamble, as well as family and friends, including a gambling impact quiz and a tool for monitoring gambling behaviours and urges​

Prevention Resources
  • The YMCA’s Youth Gambling Awareness Program offers free educational programs for adolescents, young adults, and adults involved in young people’s lives, like parents and teachers


  • The BetCheck tool or app allows players to compare their gambling habits to the norm and complete a self-assessment

  • The Cost2Play Calculator lets players keep track of their spending and look at their cost of play over time​

Knowledge Translation Resources

Gambling Research Exchange Ontario offers a variety of resources to make research on gambling easily accessible such as:


  • Brain Connections was created to share information about how problem gambling affects the brain. 

  • When people have a problem with gambling, they often wonder about the impact on their brains. How has the brain changed? Are those changes permanent? How will it feel to quit or cut back on gambling? 

  • Brain Connections translates current research into understandable answers to these and other questions in handout and video formats.

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